Health Benefits

Antarctic krill oil contains rich omega-3, which can help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, promote the metabolism of saturated fatty acids and thereby reduce blood viscosity, improve blood circulation, tissue oxygen and eliminate fatigue. Unsaturated fatty acids in the Antarctic krill oil is currently the only omega-3 attached to the structure of phospholipid. Biological availability is as high as 95-98%. It effectively reduces the blood viscosity and accelerates the blood circulation. Its lipid-lowering effect is 48 times of fish oil.

Tests show that phospholipid can decompose high blood fat and cholesterol, clean the pigging and accumulate blood circulation. Therefore, it is recognized as “Vascular Scavenger”. Phospholipids can also make the neutral fat and cholesterol emulsify into harmless micro molecular and then eliminate from the body with water.

At the same time, it also prevents excess fat deposited in the blood vessel walls and eases the pressure of heart head blood-vessel. The radical reason why phospholipids could prevent and control modern civilization disease lies in its strong emulsification, which could emulsify intravascular cholesterol and lipid in the blood vessels and form a milky white liquid, which could be eliminated from the body.


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