Shandong Luhua Energy Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shandong Huaneng Industry and Trade Development Corporation, is a large stated-owned enterprise founded in 1992. It was put under the management of Shandong Province in 2004, and changed its name to Shandong Luhua Energy Group Co., Ltd in 2006.

Luhua Group successfully developed hotels, real estate, biomedicine, finance and pawn industries with an overall picture and exploration spirit in its early years. Under Shandong Province’s administration, Luhua Group actively implemented restructuring strategy and turned into health, clean energy and investment industry. With marketing share expanding and economic benefits increasing, Luhua Group rapidly steps into fast development stage and shows strong competitiveness and promising development prospect.

In the “Create of infinite and benefit to people" brand commitment, Luhua Group adheres to the harmonious development between man and nature and pursues the era mission of "innovation, improve the quality of life" and the vision of “Create Luhua health brand and live green life”.  Adhering to “create a win-win and rapid development” values, Luhua Group gathers a large number of talents and stablishes a modern industrial cluster based on clean energy, health industry, and investment and supplemented by real estate development and hotel industry.

Looking into the future, Luhua Group will focus on clean energy, health industry and investment as three core business. Aiming at value creation and driven by innovation, Luhua Group committees to enhance the quality of life and environment for human survival, to build a distinctive innovation enterprise groups, and to make greater contribution for human health and sustainable development.


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  • Email: info@luhuabiomarine


  • 17 Quancheng Road, Jinan, Shandong, China