Antarctic krill oil is a super natural, active, and multifunctional compound molecule with high biological utilization rate (95%-98%) and potent antioxidant capacity in the nature world. It is unique mainly in the sense that it is the only substance that can combine with phospholipids, Omega-3 (DHA, EPA), which then bond with extremely natural antioxidants key. As fish oil only consists of triglyceride and Omega-3, its efficacy is multiple times lower than that of Antarctic krill oil.
Antarctic krill oil’s uniqueness and scarcity result in its premium quality, abundant nutrition, and high value. It is universally acknowledged that fish oil is beneficial for blood and heart health. However, as the relevant research has revealed, one has to take in multiple times more fish oil than its krill counterpart to achieve the same efficacy that only 500mg krill oil can reach. Though both types of oils contain the same amount of Omega-3, the efficacy of Antarctic krill oil is much better than that of fish oil, which attributes to the synergistic action existing among the ingredients in krill oil.
Consumers are usually concerned with the fishy smell after having fish oil. Antarctic krill oil will lead to no such concern even if one takes in 10 times more than the suggested usage. This is thanks to the fast absorption of krill oil alongside its high utilization rate for the human body (almost reaches 100%). This rarely can be reached by fish oil.       


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