Professional scientific research technology

The company has national patented Antarctic krill shrimp oil extraction technology and a number of related utility model patents. Many scientific research institutes and universities have close strategic cooperation relations. The R&D personnel are all graduate students or above. In line with the basic concept of "scientifically developing Antarctica and serving health with science and technology", they are dedicated to the comprehensive utilization and development technology of Antarctic krill and its derivatives. scientific research work.


The second batch of marine engineering technology collaborative innovation centers in Shandong Province: 
Collaborative Innovation Center of Antarctic Krill Marine Engineering Technology in Shandong Province

Jinan Engineering Research Center: 
Jinan Antarctic Krill Comprehensive Utilization Development Engineering Research Center

Company-led and cooperative R&D topics:


In 2020, the National Ministry of Science and Technology’s “Science and Technology Assists the Economy 2020” key projects:
Research, development and industrial application of Antarctic krill oligopeptides and related derivatives       

Shandong Province Key R&D Plan in 2019 (Medical Food):
Topic: Development and application of medical protein raw materials for tumor patients derived from Antarctic krill
Golden Seed Enterprise’s key product improvement plan for 2018:
Topic: Research, development, optimization and improvement of preparation technology for low-odor Antarctic krill oil
The fourth batch of technological innovation projects in Shandong Province in 2017:
Topic: Research and development of high-quality Antarctic krill oil and related dietary supplements
2016 Shandong Province Key R&D Plan (Marine Medical Food):
Topic: Preparation of high phospholipid Antarctic krill oil and its application and development in marine medical food

2015 Shandong Province Major Science and Technology Project (Industrial Transformation and Upgrading):
 Topic: Research on modern marine food processing and industrial chain quality control system

Intellectual Property:

The company has successfully authorized 22 utility model patents and 4 invention patents.



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