The Antarctic krill, with its scientific name in Latin Euphausia Superba, is the bottom feeder of the food chain in the ecological system, implying that they rarely accept accumulated contaminants from advanced animals.

ICERUBY™ Antarctic Krill Oil——A More Effective Source of Omega-3

[Extract sources] Antarctic Krill                                                                 [Product smell] Shrimp scent        
[Main ingredients] OMEGA-3(DHA、EPA), Phospholipids,Astaxanthin                   
[Product color] Deep red or dark red, uniform color
[Packing Specifications] 25kg ; 50kg ; 200kg                                                [Shelf life]

24 months


ICERUBY™ Antarctic Krill Oil Product Display

ICERUBY™ Antarctic Krill Oil Product Parameters

ICERUBY™ Product Advantages

 Easy to digest
Iceruby™ Antarctic Krill Oil forms a homogeneous emulsion with water, which is easy to digest and will not reflux and avoid hiccups.
 Easy to absorb
DHA and EPA in Iceruby™ Antarctic Krill Oil exist in the form of phospholipid structure, which can easily pass through the cell membrane, absorb quickly and have high utilization rate by human body.
 High purity
Iceruby™ Antarctic Krill Oil is extracted from sustainably harvested Antarctic krill using multiple sedimentation extraction techniques and processes. Antarctic krill oil is transparent and free of impurities, accompanied by the aroma of krill, and tastes without bitterness or astringency.
 High utilization rate
Iceruby™ Antarctic Krill Oil is a natural active complex molecule formed by combining phospholipids with omega-3 (DHA, EPA) and astaxanthin. These ingredients are organically combined in Antarctic krill, and the synergistic effect of ingredients is better than simple combination.

Low odor, low arsenic, high phospholipid Antarctic krill oil

The company continues to improve its extraction technology, optimizes Antarctic krill oil quality from different aspects, and has done a lot of research on aspects such as low fishy smell, low arsenic, and high phospholipid. Now companies can increase the phospholipid content in Antarctic krill oil through process adjustments. Consumers do not need to increase their intake of Antarctic krill oil to meet their daily needs for nutrients such as phospholipids, omega-3 and astaxanthin. High-phospholipid Antarctic krill oil with higher nutritional value provides compound products More possibilities. In addition, the company's research on high-phospholipid Antarctic krill oil makes the extension of Antarctic krill products into the pharmaceutical field worth looking forward to.


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