The Antarctic krill, with its scientific name in Latin Euphausia Superba, is the bottom feeder of the food chain in the ecological system, implying that they rarely accept accumulated contaminants from advanced animals.

Antarctic Krill Oil Softgel Product Information

[Main ingredients]  OMEGA-3 (DHA/EPA), Phospholipids, astaxanthin, energy, protein, fat, etc.                               
[Ingredients List]  Antarctic krill oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water, stevia glycosides                                                   
[Net Weight]  500mg/capsule or customized
[Shelf life]  24months                                                                                    
[Usage Guide] 1-3g daily
[Unsuitable groups] Infants, pregnant women, lactating women and people with seafood allergies are not suitable for consumption.

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Product Parameters


Product Advantages

\ Traceability of raw materials
Iceruby™ Antarctic Krill Oil is certified by FOS Friends of the Ocean, and the product is sustainable and traceable.
\ Product Purity
Antarctic krill live in the pure waters of Antarctica, feed on ice algae and are at the bottom of the food chain, so the product is pure.
\ Good Taste
The softgel made of Iceruby™ Antarctic Krill Oil are easy to swallow, have no fishy feeling, and have a light krill fragrance.
\ Rich Variety
There are many types of softgels made from Iceruby™ Antarctic Krill Oil, such as chewable softgel, enteric softgel, vegetable softgel, etc.

\ Customizable
Softgel made from Iceruby™ Antarctic Krill Oil can be customized in size and shape according to the different needs of different customers.


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