The Antarctic krill, with its scientific name in Latin Euphausia Superba, is the bottom feeder of the food chain in the ecological system, implying that they rarely accept accumulated contaminants from advanced animals.

ICERUBYTM Krill Powder
Choosing Antarctic krill living in the clean cold Antarctic waters as raw materials, Iceruby Antarctic krill powder is produced through special process and fully retains the rich nutrients and flavors for Antarctic krill. Iceruby krill powder turns on pure pink without any addictive.
Advantages of Antarctic Krill Powder

Food additives: With a unique delicious taste and all the nutrients, krill powder could be natural seasoning.

Aquatic Feeds:
  1. Living in clean Antarctic waters with a low temperature and feeding on plankton, Antarctic krill powder is of great safety.
  2. Due to the water-soluble matters with a low molecular weight, Antarctic krill powder could be used as effective attractant and seasonings.
  1. Antarctic krill powder including rich astaxanthin is a natural pigment to brighten the fish and shrimp.
  2. Beta-carotene and astaxanthin inside krill powder play an important role in strengthening the immune system and improving the prospects of survivals.
  3. High in protein, Antarctic krill powder has comprehensive and balanced nutrition as well as mineral elements like copper, selenium, zinc, calcium and phosphorus.
Bait: Antarctic krill powder is surprisingly effective to attract fish and makes bait much more delicious.


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