The Antarctic krill, with its scientific name in Latin Euphausia Superba, is the bottom feeder of the food chain in the ecological system, implying that they rarely accept accumulated contaminants from advanced animals.

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[Extract sources]  Antarctic Krill                                                                  [Product smell] Shrimp scent        
[Main ingredients] Protein、 Fat                                                           [Product properties]  Powder form 
[Packaging specifications]  25kg/bag                                                                  [Shelf life]  24 months  

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Product Advantages

\  Aquatic feed
Antarctic krill lives in the low-temperature and pure waters of Antarctica and feeds on plankton, so it is safe to use krill powder.
The palatability of Antarctic krill powder comes from the low molecular weight water-soluble substances, which act as effective attractants and flavor enhancers[1]
Antarctic krill is rich in astaxanthin, which is a natural pigment that can increase the bright body color of fish and shrimp[2]
β-carotene and astaxanthin in Antarctic krill powder play an important role in regulating the immune system of fish[3]
Antarctic krill powder is high in protein and contains mineral elements such as copper, selenium, zinc, calcium and phosphorus, and has a comprehensive and balanced nutrition.
\   Bait
The food-attracting property of Antarctic krill powder has a good fish-collecting effect, and at the same time improves the freshness and flavor of the bait.
\  Food Additives
Antarctic krill powder has strong seafood flavor, rich in various nutrients, and is a natural condiment.

[1] SURESH A V, KUMARAGURU- VASAGAM K P, NATES S. Attractability and palatability of protein ingrediente os aquatic  and terrestrial animal origin, and their practical value for blue shrimp, Litopenaeus stylirostris fed diets formulated with high levels of poultry byproduct meal [ J ]. Aquaculture, 2011, 319 ( 1/2 ): 132 -140.
[2] 徐吟梅,邱卫华,余丽萍,等. 南极磷虾粉的营养与功能 [ J ]. 显得渔业信息,2010,25(8):14-16.
[3] SHIMIDZU N, GOTO M, MIKI W. Carotenoids as singlet oxygen quenchers in marine organisms [ J ] .Fisheries Science, 1996, 62 ( 1 ) : 134-137.


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