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 Brain health

Antarctic krill oil is extracted from Antarctic krill and contains active ingredients such as phospholipids, Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA), and natural astaxanthin.
DHA among the Omega-3 fatty acids is commonly known as "brain gold" and is widely present in brain cells in the form of phospholipids. It plays an important role in the normal structure and function of the central nervous system [1-2]. Studies have shown that supplementing a certain amount of DHA can improve intelligence and strengthen the brain. It plays an important role in brain neurodevelopment and learning and memory behaviors [3-4].
At the same time, DHA also plays an important role in maintaining brain function and delaying brain aging. Studies have confirmed that DHA can improve the brain's energy supply and improve the brain's self-nutrition system, thus playing a significant repair role in brain cells that have atrophied and died due to age [5].
As people age, the choline content in the blood will decrease significantly, and the choline content in the brain will also decrease accordingly, causing the human body to move slowly, intelligence to decline, memory to decline, and dementia to gradually appear. Studies have found that supplementing phosphatidylcholine in phospholipids has better biological effects than supplementing choyl salts (choline chloride) [6]. Choline formed by hydrolysis of phosphatidylcholine has a higher concentration in the serum and continues to It takes a long time [7].


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