Health Benefits

Omega-3 DHA is a main ingredient to accelerate and maintain growth of the nervous system cells and one of the important constitutes of the brain and retina. It accounts for 20% in the human cerebral cortex content and largest proportion of about 50% in the retina. Therefore, DHA plays a very important role in maintaining the brain and retina function. Low omega-3 fatty acid level in the blood or inadequate intake may lead to cognitive impairment and memory loss.
At the same time, the brain cells are covered with membrane made of phospholipid. Therefore, insufficient phospholipids intake can lead to membrane damage and mental decline. The percentage of phospholipids in the Antarctic krill is as high as 40%. Special molecular structure of the Antarctic krill oil antioxidant- astaxanthin, can pass through blood-brain barrier (BBB). It directly bring brain and central nervous system antioxidant benefits.
Edible Antarctic krill oil helps to produce nerve cell membrane and protect it from toxin and free radicals. Meanwhile, it can enhance our memory, concentration, understanding, learning ability and alertness of brain to the outside world.


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